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The Health 2.0 Conference

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The Health 2.0 Conference starts tomorrow (October 22) in San Francisco. We've previously discussed Medicine 2.0, so in case you have difficulty keeping all these terms straight, here's a definition of Health 2.0 by Matthew Holt, one of the founders of the conference:
Our definition is currently focusing on user-generated aspects of Web 2.0 within health care but not directly interacting with the mainstream health care system. That means, a) search, b) communities, c) tools for individual and group consumer use. But clearly there are blurring boundaries between all these, and the question of connecting Health2.0 user-generated content to the wider health care system--which hasn't exactly adopted Web1.0 with a flourish yet--is coming into closer focus as more clinicians and organizations start to use these technologies to communicate with consumers.
The Ozmosis Blog has a pre-conference update. They'll also be providing updates from a Twitter account.
Ozmosis will be highlighted in the Clinical Social Networks panel on Wednesday, October 22. The panel is moderated by Enoch Choi, MD [the previous writer of Tech Medicine] of PAMF and MedHelp. Other panelists include Brijesh Mehta a Co-Founder of MedicalPlexus, Lance Hill the CEO of Within3, Tobin Arthur the CEO of iMedexchange, and Rex Jakobovits the Creator of

I believe the panel on Pharma and Health 2.0 moderated by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn is going to be of special interest. Jane’s publication outlining web technology in medicine and healthcare has practically served as a roadmap for many of the new companies coming into the mix. And last, but not least, Craig Stoltz (Web2.0h...really?) will be moderating a panel on Consumer Health Searches. This is one of the most diverse areas of Health 2.0 and one of the most critical - of
particular interest are Organized Wisdom (a user powered search) and Healia. With more and more consumers, like physicians, turning to the web for health related information, the more efficient, refined, and accurate consumer searches can be the better.
I'll be blogging some of the highlights of the conference, but I'm sadly not able to attend in person this year. If you'd like to send me updates, links, or commentary, please email

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