Google Suggest and Healthcare

When you type a search query into Google's web search, a feature called Google Suggest will offer searches that other users have typed that are similar to the one you're typing. Sometimes, this can provide an eye-opening view of how the Internet — or at least, the people who search Google — feel about a particular topic.

For example, here are the Google suggested searches for "Doctors are..."

In case you were wondering — no, thousands are people aren't all searching for "doctors are sadists who like to play god and watch lesser people scream" because they necessarily feel that way — it's a quote from the movie Juno.

Here are some other similar searches from Google Suggest.

Nurses are:
  • nurses are great
  • nurses are angels
  • nurses are mean
  • nurses are heroes
Medicine is:
  • medicine is keystone of the arch of socialism
  • medicine is working but u.s. economy isn't healthy yet
  • medicine is an art
  • medicine is not candy
Hospitals are:
  • hosptials are generally categorized as nonprofit for-profit or governmental
  • hospitals are cold
  • hospitals are challenged by competition for paying patients
  • hospitals are dangerous
I am sick:

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