Fevers, Chills, 5 Blankets, Oh My!

20 hours on a plane is no fun. 20 hours of fevers & chills on a plane squished into economy class is even less fun. Thank goodness I had a narcotic cough suppressant to keep from hacking on my fellow sufferers, but the fever made me delirious. I had strange dreams of Korean investments in airplane seat layout -- don't ask, it doesn't make sense to me either. Funny thing was, taking a gram of tylenol made me sweat even more. Under 5 blankets, and the stewardesses asking if I was ok. Pretty weird.

No AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) displayed in Hong Kong, but arriving back in San Francisco I was not only relieved to be home, but also see the AEDs just next to the bathrooms. Way to go, Mayor Brown! Or at least I think that's whose administration the new international wing was built under.

You know what really sucks? We got in 1 hour early, but the bags took an hour to come out. You never win. Really.

The only bright point in the trip was when I got carded by a stewardess when I asked for some german reisling. Yeah, I look that young. That gave me a good laugh, but not for long since laughing made me cough more ;(

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