FDA video: Ibuprofen Interferes With Aspirin's Heart Protective Benefit

I've blogged before that you should:
- take your daily dose of immediate-release low dose aspirin at least 30 minutes before you ever take ibuprofen and possibly any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).
- Otherwise, you should wait at least 8 hours after taking a dose of ibuprofen before taking your daily aspirin dose, in order to avoid preventing the heart-protecting anti-platelet effects of aspirin.

Now, the FDA has come up with an online podcast video describing this same information. Watch and learn! Click on one of the following options:

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- MPEG Download. (Right-click and pick 'Save Target As' to save to disk.)

via FDA MedWatch Safety Alert – Ibuprofen and Aspirin taken Together – September 8, 2006

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