CDC Starts Blogging

The United States Government's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the world's preeminent organization devoted to public health research and disease outbreak control and prevention. It's very exciting to see that their director of the National Center for Health Marketing (NCHM) has begun blogging, and here is Jay M. Bernhardt's rationale:

Every 2 weeks or so I’ll write about different issues related to research, science, and practice in health marketing, health communication, social marketing, information technology, public health partnerships, and other related issues... being part of the government, comments will be moderated to protect privacy and decorum (but not to reduce debate or limit differences of opinion).

I'm looking forward to his writing on health marketing, also called social marketing in some circles. Marketing is considered an evil activity by some, but in the context of social marketing, the purpose is entirely different from Madison Avenue's. NCHM's social marketing seeks to use the best strategies available to provide the greatest good to the greatest number from the best of the research and knowledge the CDC and NCHM has to offer. This kind of social marketing takes the ad agencies' strategies and uses them to promote health, rather than shill a product. I applaud them!


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