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Medicine for the Outdoors
Medicine for the Outdoors

Dr. Paul Auerbach is the world's leading outdoor health expert. His blog offers tips on outdoor safety and advice on how to handle wilderness emergencies.

  • Jul 12 2012

    Treating Severe Heatstroke with an External Cooling System

    Heatstroke is a life-threatening emergency. Therapeutic cooling measures need to be undertaken rapidly in order to prevent the catastrophic organ failure associated with markedly elevated body temperature. The general dictum is to cool the vic...

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  • Jul 09 2012

    Malaria Vaccine Trial

    An effective vaccine against malaria would be a major breakthrough in the realm of global health, on par with effective vaccination against smallpox and other historical disease scourges of mankind. Creating such a vaccine has been a challenge ...

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  • Jun 28 2012

    Sun Exposure

    Dr. Susan Swetter from Stanford is a professor of dermatology and renowned expert on sun exposure and the hazards of ultraviolet radiation. She recently published a brief summary of useful information entitled “Don’t get burned” which is a ter...

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  • Jun 21 2012


    A picture is worth a thousand words. The excellent section “IMAGES IN CLINICAL MEDICINE” appears from time to time in the New England Journal of Medicine. I’m delighted when the topic chosen is one that’s relevant to outdoor or even wilderness ...

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  • Jun 13 2012

    Vaccine Against Norwalk Virus

    Norwalk virus is a norovirus that causes occasional and sometimes epidemic gastroenteritis (nausea, vomiting and diarrhea). There is currently not a vaccine against any norovirus infection or illness. In a recent issue of the New England Journa...

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  • May 24 2012

    Osler Symposium

    Although the following information is not strictly in the genre of outdoor medicine, I think it is important. This year marks the second Osler Symposium, entitled Doctoring in the 21st Century — Embracing the Challenge. I participated in last ...

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  • May 17 2012

    Support for Ankle Sprains

    Sprained ankles are the bane of existence for hikers, trekker, and joggers—indeed for most athletes or anyone who has the opportunity to twist a foot on an uneven service, stepping over a rock, or falling into a hole. The classic first aid trea...

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  • May 14 2012

    Wilderness Medicine Newsletter

    There is an excellent publication available entitled Wilderness Medicine Newsletter. I have been reading it for years and find it to be high quality, accurate, informative, and well written. You may check it out at http://www.wildernessmedicine...

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  • May 01 2012

    Recognizing Heart Attacks in Women

    We have long been taught that the typical symptoms for a heart attack are substernal (beneath the breastbone) chest pain that is pressure-like or “squeezing” in nature, radiation of the chest pain to the left arm or jaw, sweating, nausea, and w...

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  • Apr 23 2012

    Prevention of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a constellation of symptoms that occurs in persons after they have suffered a traumatic event (or multiple events). Some of these symptoms include (among many likely others): depressionanxiety,lack of...

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Dr. Paul S. Auerbach is the world’s leading authority on wilderness medicine.