Medicine for the Outdoors
Medicine for the Outdoors

Dr. Paul Auerbach is the world's leading outdoor health expert. His blog offers tips on outdoor safety and advice on how to handle wilderness emergencies.

  • Apr 07 2009

    Thank You to Getting Closer to Myself for Grand Rounds

    Thank you to Getting Closer to Myself for including my post about mortality after changes in leisure time physical activity in this week's Grand Rounds. Grand Rounds is a weekly compilation of health care posts from around the web compiled by a ho...

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  • Apr 01 2009

    Mortality After Changes in Leisure Time Physical Activity

    An article was recently published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ 2009;338;b688) entitled "Total mortality after changes in leisure time physical activity in 50 year old men: 35 year follow-up of population based cohort," by Liisa Byberg and c...

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  • Mar 28 2009

    Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

    Outdoor and wilderness athletes put a lot of stress on their joints. Whether you are skiing, climbing, biking, hiking, running, or doing any other activity at which you are risk for deceleration, a fall, or a blow to the knee, there is a risk of i...

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  • Mar 27 2009

    Sam Pelvic Sling versus pelvicbinder

    In response to my latest post, pelvicbinder, I received a communication from the originator of the Sam Pelvic Sling ®. He informed me, with the appropriate disclaimer that he has a significant financial interest in the Sam Pelvic Sling ®, that th...

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  • Mar 25 2009


    Fracture of the bony pelvis usually occurs if there is considerable force applied to the body, such as occurs with a fall or significant crush injury. Because there is a rich blood supply throughout the inner surfaces of the pelvis and many large ...

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  • Mar 21 2009

    Travel to High Altitude with Children: Treating Altitude Sickness

    Children experience the full range of altitude-associated illnesses, including acute mountain sickness (AMS), high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE), and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE).

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  • Mar 18 2009

    Handwashing Technique

    Last spring, there was a report in the press that disinfectant wipes may contribute to the spread of drug-resistant bacteria in hospitals.

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  • Mar 14 2009


    Nosebleed (epistaxis) is classified as anterior or posterior, depending on where it originates within the nose. Most nosebleeds are anterior, and occur along the anterior nasal septum, which divides the nares ("nostrils"). Generally, anterior nose...

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  • Mar 11 2009

    Coastal Solutions Jellyfish Sting Relief Spray

    Coastal Solutions, Inc. of Savannah, Georgia promotes a line of products named "Jellyfish Squish, "Fire Ant Coolant," "Chigger Chaser," and "Bite Blaster," the active ingredient for all of these being the topical anesthetic 4% lidocaine hydrochlor...

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  • Mar 07 2009

    Sore Throat

    Sore throat is a common problem at home and outdoors. Sore throat (pharyngitis) is a common complication of viral infections (the common cold, infectious mononucleosis), breathing dry air (“altitude throat”), or primary bacterial throat infection ...

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