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Medicine for the Outdoors
Medicine for the Outdoors

Dr. Paul Auerbach is the world's leading outdoor health expert. His blog offers tips on outdoor safety and advice on how to handle wilderness emergencies.

  • Oct 29 2008

    Great White Shark Adventure

    Two weeks ago, I traveled to Guadalupe Island off the Pacific coast of Mexico to join a wonderful group of divers on a dive expedition aboard the M/V Nautilus Explorer to benefit the Historical Diving Society. The diving purpose of our journey was...

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  • May 02 2008

    Sea Bather’s Eruption

    From the month of May through September, oceangoers along the U.S. Gulf coast need to be concerned about a particular form of skin rash caused by tiny jellyfish. As the summer season progresses, this can also become a problem along the entire east...

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  • Nov 17 2006

    Sea Lion Bites

    Sea lions and seals are usually mild-mannered mammals except during the mating season, when the males may become aggressive, and the breeding season, when both genders attack in defense of their newborn pups.

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  • Nov 15 2006

    Shark Attack

    A shark attack occurred on November 11, 2006 in the ocean off the coast of Maui. As reported in the press, the victim was caught 30 to 40 feet offshore and bitten a single time in a “hit and run” attack. He pushed the shark away while kicking at i...

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  • Sep 13 2006

    Stinging Fishes

    The treatment of venomous fish stings is unique and not always well known by the lay public, or indeed, by medical practitioners.

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  • Jul 13 2006

    Removing a Fishhook

    Fishing is fun, but not when you catch yourself. If a fishhook enters the skin, gently wash the skin surrounding the entry point with soap and water, or at least give it a rinse to remove dirt, slime, or bait. Apply gentle pressure along the curve...

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  • Jul 09 2006

    Water Safety Basics

    Drowning is a leading cause of death in young people, for many reasons, most of them related to lack of supervision, and the inquisitive and risk-taking behaviors of infants, children, and teenagers.

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  • Jul 07 2006

    Use a Sunscreen

    When it comes to sun (ultraviolet radiation, or “UVR”) exposure, there is no such thing as a “safe tan.” Sunburn, skin aging (including age spots and leathery skin), wrinkles, and skin cancers are excellent reasons to seek protection from harmful...

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