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Wilderness Medicine at Weill-Cornell Medical College

This just came in from my good friend Dr. Jay Lemery, who practices emergency medicine in New York City, and who is a rising star in the field of wilderness medicine:

"Please forward to any interested students. Thank you!

Weill-Cornell Medical College Combined Elective in: Emergency Medicine & Wilderness and Environmental Medicine (MED 130: September 29- October 25, 2008

We are pleased to announce our semi-annual elective for the 2009 fall semester. This will be a combined 1-month elective in Emergency Medicine and Wilderness Medicine:

[Emergency Medicine: September 29 - October 12 at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center; October 13 - 25 Wilderness Medicine. Third & 4th year medical students are eligible.

Emergency Medicine: 2-week clinical elective at the Weill Cornell Campus of NY-Presbyterian Hospital

Wilderness Medicine: We offer a state of the art course loaded with hands-on medical training. This program has been previously taught and has had superlative reviews from students. Week 1 in New York City will consist of lectures, workshops, trips to the Bronx Botanical Garden (Botanical Medicinals) and the Bronx Zoo (Reptile House), and Principles of Disaster Response taught by our EMS Special Operations Team. Week 2 will take place in the backcountry of the Adirondacks, involving High Peak and Lake Champlain ecosystems.

Space will be limited, and we will accommodate on a first-come, first-served basis. Third and 4th year medical students are encouraged to enroll at:

Please direct any questions to Dr. Jay Lemery, who is the course director, at

The goal of the Department of Emergency Medicine's Wilderness Medicine & Environmental Preparedness Elective for medical students is to offer an introduction to backcountry care and to teach improvisational treatment skills to students. The knowledge and skill sets required for medical care in severe, adverse environments will be applicable for patients in the wilderness as well as in the settings of man-made or natural disasters. Our experienced faculty and guest instructors, working closely with the faculty from Cornell Outdoor Education (COE) at our Ithaca campus, will utilize all of the desired knowledge and proficiency in leading large groups into the backcountry. The curriculum combines lectures, hands-on scenarios and case-based learning. We anticipate that this course will be helpful to any senior medical student applying to any of a variety of clinical residency programs."

Preview the 25th Anniversary & Annual Meeting of the Wilderness Medical Society, which will be held in Snowmass, Colorado July 25-30, 2008.

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