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Wilderness Medicine Conference

"Come all who need rest and light, bending and breaking with over work, leave your profits and losses and metallic dividends and come..." John Muir, 1874

The Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) has just announced its 23rd Annual Meeting, which will be held at Snowmass at Aspen, Colorado July 21-25, 2007. This is a fantastic setting for what promises to be a wonderful continuing medical education session for doctors, allied health professionals, and all others who will attend.

With superlative lectures, workshops, and outdoor activities, the meeting will be one of the best ever created by the WMS. The Advanced Wilderness Life Support (AWLS) and Toxicology in the Wilderness pre-conference programs are specifically designed to support WMS members in accruing credits toward their Fellowship in the Academy of Wilderness Medicine.

The faculty includes many of the most experienced wilderness medicine professionals and terrific lecturers, including Peter Hackett, Sheryl Olson, Bob Norris, Brad Bennett, Jolie Bookspan, Howard Donner, Luanne Freer, Peter Kummerfeldt, Mel Otten, Phil Rasori, Will Smith, and many others. Some of the optional workshops include GPS navigation, improvised splinting, litters and packaging, medical volunteering in developing countries, photographing wildlife and wild places, and surviving the unexpected night out. Research abstract presentations, special interest group meetings, and constant opportunities to mingle with faculty and attendees are additional highlights of this specially informative and entertaining meeting.

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D., who is President of the Amazon Conservation Team and author of the wonderful books Tales of a Shaman's Apprentice and Medicine Quest, will deliver a special evening presentation entitled "Maps, Midwives, and Medicine Men: Using GIS and Ancient Healing Wisdom to Save the Amazon in Six Dimensions."

Please take the opportunity to peruse the entire program at the conference website. It will be my pleasure to greet many of you in Snowmass this summer.

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