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Thank You to Global Rescue

I've posted previously about Global Rescue, a company with deployable field rescue teams that can be hired to extract persons who are injured or ill from anywhere in the world. The company provides medical consultative services, evacuation and extraction services, security advisory services, and other services such as emergency message relay, telephonic interpretation, visa and passport services and local legal referrals. The website for Global Rescue is

I'm writing now to thank Global Rescue (GR) for helping me out in Haiti. I initially contacted a good friend who is an executive with GR to assist me in obtaining a satellite telephone for use during my activities working at the University Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Within a day, four GR professionals, already in the country on other business, came to the hospital with a phone. Even though they had completed their work in Haiti on behalf of GR and its clients, and were scheduled to leave the country, they volunteered to assist at the hospital. They remained overnight as volunteers at the hospital to observe all aspects of the activities in order to create a report, which was very helpful in determining what additional persons, supplies and other support were necessary at night to care for patients.

Their actions were typical of many volunteers from numerous organizations who came to the the hospital and other locations to assist in the emergency relief efforts. My hat is off to all of them.
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