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Sam Pelvic Sling versus pelvicbinder

In response to my latest post, pelvicbinder, I received a communication from the originator of the Sam Pelvic Sling ®. He informed me, with the appropriate disclaimer that he has a significant financial interest in the Sam Pelvic Sling ®, that the pelvicbinder™ does not have automatic "force control," since the tightness with which it is applied is controlled entirely by the user during application of the device. In this regard, he stated, "The fact is, the 'pelvicbinder' has no more force control than a bed sheet. There is nothing on this device to restrict the amount of force applied. For example, five different people of differing strengths would likely apply five different levels of force. The Sam Pelvic Sling ® is the only pelvic circumferential compressive belt containing a patented auto-stop device that limits the force to a scientifically proven, safe and effective range. Their levels of training and experience not withstanding, five different individuals applying the Sam Pelvic Sling® will always apply the same safe (and effective) force. This unique characteristic of our device allows it to be safely and effectively applied by untrained individuals at the scene of an accident, which is particularly relevant in a wilderness medicine scenario."

These are interesting comments and should be taken into consideration when deciding what to purchase, and to determine the necessary degree of training needed to properly apply any device.

If anyone wishes to offer an opinion or further commentary on this topic, please do so as a comment to this post.
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