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Jonathan Bird's Blue World

Happy July 4!

While I was walking the floor of Beneath the Sea, I had the opportunity to meet Jonathan Bird, who conceived and produced Jonathan Bird's Blue World, which is a family-oriented television series that takes viewers on a series of journeys underwater. He was kind enough to give me a DVD of Season One, which aired in its entirety on public television.

There are 5 Episodes on the DVD, each containing 3 segments. For instance, Episode 1 contains Blue Shark Adventure, Ginnie Spring Cavern Exploration, and Giants of the Depths. Jonathan has a "gee whiz" style, which is definitely targeted at a younger (e.g., children) crowd, but the material is still informative and entertaining for adults. This is not elaborate National Geographic entertainment, but the educational content is very sound, and I enjoyed watching the DVD. For a youngster interested in the marine environment, I would highly recommend this product, because it is informative, conservation oriented, and upbeat. It would serve as an encouragement for a non-diver to become a diver. In person, Jonathan's friendliness and enthusiasm are genuine, so I am definitely rooting for this endeavor to be a huge success.

The website has additional information about the personnel and many aspects of the production. Jonathan Bird has also created the Oceanic Research Group (ORG), which is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, environmental organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's oceans and marine life through education. Its primary activity is producing educational products to help conserve and protect marine life by raising awareness of ocean issues. All ORG educational products and resources can be accessed via the ORG website,

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