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Medicine for the Outdoors

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Healthy Waters

Mike Magee, MD authored a little gem of a book entitled Healthy Waters. Subtitled "What Every Health Professional Should Know About Water," the small paperback introduces the reader to many facets of water in the lives of humans, which is essential for everyone, and in particular for health professionals.

If you care about the outdoors, you must care about the water. Although Healthy Waters carries a publication date of 2005, and so some of the facts and figures could be updated, the message is loud, clear and completely relevant in 2009 - perhaps even more so than when the book was published. Namely, that water is a vital and essential resource for which we will require ongoing complex programs in order to avoid its infection, diminution and squandering in the face of droughts, shortages, and rampant infectious disease. In the U.S., we take potable drinking water for granted. Industry and agriculture are another story - here, water is already in short supply. Furthermore, in terms of our wilderness water supplies, the future is grim indeed if we are not prepared to be proactive and make behavioral changes.

The chapters of the book are Integrated Water Cycles, The Water Crisis, Water and Health, Water and Agriculture, Water and Industry, Water and Energy, Water and Cities, Natural Water Disasters, Pricing and Sharing Water. The book is not complex, and in some instances is simplistic, but it appears to be well founded on facts and is not sensational in tone. It serves as a quick read and good starting point for persons deciding whether or not they wish to learn more or become engaged in an environmental challenge.

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