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Gregory Bledsoe, M.D. informs me that he has created a new website, Cinchona, that is intended to allow the wilderness medicine, expedition medicine, travel medicine, and similarly-minded medical communities to exchange information. If the site becomes popular, it has the potential for users to be able to promote their conferences, books, products, blogs, and news stories. Greg intends the site to become a place where people from the far reaches of the diverse field of wilderness medicine can go to view the latest news, updates on current situations, and timely information about a broad range of topics. There is also a job board tab.

Registration is easy and free. Once you register, you are free to post any articles pertinent to Cinchona that you find on the web. According to Greg, the website will thrive only if there is an active community submitting articles and selecting the best ones for mass distribution, through the "stamping" rating procedure that is active at the site. The stamps are basically votes for the articles. If someone posts an article that he or she believes is important and wants the broad community to view it, the goal is to get as many stamps as possible. As viewers read the article and stamp it (e.g., vote for it), the article moves up in priority within the news feed. Ultimately, the most popular articles will be on the opening page of Cinchona, where they will receive the most exposure.

Over time, there will hopefully be enough registered users so that these articles are sifted through and promoted organically. Right not, because the community using the site is small, even 5 votes might put an article on the front page. As more users rate the articles, it will be increasingly difficult to achieve front page status.

Give Cinchona a look, and if it appeals to you, sign up and try it out. The more useful communication that occurs between members of the wilderness medicine community, the better.

photo of Dr. Gregory Bledsoe

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