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CA Academy of Sciences Center for Exploration & Travel Health

CAS Building in Golden Gate Park, CA
CAS Building in Golden Gate Park, CA
My good friend Dr. Matthew Lewin has launched a website for the Center for Exploration & Travel Health affiliated with the California Academy of Sciences (CAS): This is the culmination of years of hard work and preparation. As noted on the home page, The Center for Exploration and Travel Health (CETH) at the California Academy of Sciences has two missions:

  1. To excel in providing exploration health services to the museum community; and
  2. To be a leading academic center in travel medicine research and education.

 Also from their website:

Travel Services Mission

The clinical division of the Institute will consist of an in-house travel medicine and expedition consulting practice that will manage pre-travel and post-return medical concerns of Academy staff. The breadth of care will include:

  • Recommend and administer vaccinations, prepare medications and special precautions for those entering areas with known hazards such as drug-resistant malaria, cholera, or special environmental hazards.
  • Accompany expeditions to provide medical care, when appropriate.
  • Provide special attention to chronic, age-related, and obstetric medical issues.
  • Contact patients' primary care physicians and clinics, as appropriate.
  • Maintain on-call staff physicians 24 hours for emergencies occurring during Academy expeditions, including communication with local health-care providers and coordination of safe and effective evacuation from research sites.
  • Provide guidance regarding medical-ethical issues encountered during fieldwork abroad.
  • Consult on Academy (and Aquarium) safety matters such as the handling of venomous animals, disaster planning and first-aid classes, in continued collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine at University of California, San Francisco (USCF). 
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