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Aqua Pencil

At Beneath the Sea I had the opportunity to walk the show floor and check out some new products intended for divers. One that immediately caught my eye was the Aqua Pencil, which is an innovative underwater pencil designed for divers, kayakers, boaters and researchers who will be underwater or wet. Because of its properties, it can be used when one needs to write in the rain, sleet or snow, such as out in the field or during a rescue. I tested it and it performs as advertised.

The Starter Kit includes an Aqua Pencil, Tether, Lead Pack (writing leads) and Eraser. The tethers are available in different colors, and the pencil is advertised to work well with any slate and to write well on waterproof paper.

According to the company, which is named Xit 404, it was formed to fulfill the need for specialized products and to develop ideas that are overlooked by other companies.

The Aqua Pencil Kit retails for $21.95.

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