Medicine for the Outdoors
Medicine for the Outdoors

Dr. Paul Auerbach is the world's leading outdoor health expert. His blog offers tips on outdoor safety and advice on how to handle wilderness emergencies.

  • Dec 12 2011

    Tactical Combat Casualty Care

    The 2011 Annual Summer Meeting of the Wilderness Medical Society that was held in Snowmass, Colorado was excellent and provided terrific education for all in attendance. In a series of posts, I’ll highlight some of what we learned. Brad Benn...

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  • Dec 08 2011

    Breast Cancer Screen Recommendations

    How does the topic of breast cancer screening relate to outdoor health? In my opinion, it is one of those topics that transcend a single categorization, because it is so important and affects us all. In addition, it can tie in directly to the to...

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  • Nov 18 2011

    Ski Helmets and Reaction Time

    Ski season is upon us. Many experts (including myself) are of the opinion that helmets should be worn by all downhill skiers and snowboarders to help prevent head injuries. One of the “con” arguments proposed by some persons who object to weari...

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  • Nov 14 2011

    Stinging Nettles

    Stinging nettle plants, courtesy of Dezidor (CC BY 3.0)Hikers often brush up against injurious plants, such as poison oak or thorny shrubs. One particularly vexing plant is the “ubiquitous weed, Urtica dioica,” commonly known as stinging nettl...

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  • Nov 07 2011

    Treating Coracoid Impingement Syndrome

    The next series of posts will be “translations” for laypersons of articles that appear in Volume 22, Number 2 (2011) of the journal Wilderness & Environmental Medicine, which is published by Elsevier for the Wilderness Medical Society. Much...

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  • Nov 03 2011

    FDA Approves Boostrix Vaccine for Elders

    Most of us are familiar with the need to achieve immunization against tetanus (“lockjaw”) and diphtheria. Fewer are familiar with the need to immunize against pertussis (“whooping cough”). Boostrix is a vaccine used to achieve immunity against ...

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  • Oct 24 2011

    Emergency Veterinary Medicine

    There is a lot written about how to take care of people in the outdoors, but what about our “furry friends?” In the textbook Wilderness Medicine, there is a chapter on Emergency Veterinary Medicine. Given that we are apt to hike or camp with pe...

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  • Oct 10 2011

    Couch Potatoes

    There were no real surprises for me in the article entitled “Television Viewing and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, and All-Cause Mortality” by Anders Grøntved and Frank B. Hu that appeared in the Journal of the American Medica...

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  • Oct 08 2011

    The Concept of Risk

    Dr. Robert “Brownie” Schoene, an enormously talented, accomplished, and insightful physician who resides within the bedrock of wilderness medicine, gave a wonderful presentation about the concept of risk at the 2010 annual summer meeting of the...

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  • Sep 29 2011

    Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis

    Diverticula are small outpouchings that develop at weak points along the wall of the colon (large bowel), probably because of high pressures associated with muscle contractions during the passage of stool. When these sacs become obstructed and...

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