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Oh, Crumbs!
Oh, Crumbs!

Self-proclaimed font of Celiac knowledge, Libby tries to educate everyone she comes across on the differences between allergies, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease.

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Gluten-Free Burritos

Before writing this post, I went on to Gluten Freeda's website. For those of you who don't know, Gluten Freeda is a gluten-free food company that specializes in pre-made and packaged gluten-free products. I went on their website to look at the list of gf burritos they offer and my mouth is now watering. These burritos, eaten as a snack or a quick fix meal served along side some veg and Mexican style rice, are absolutely delicious for something that comes out of your microwave.

I picked up a couple from the freezer section at my local co-op food market this weekend (also can be found at many higher end grocery stores like Whole Foods), but after I finished two in, well, two days, I wish I had bought more. I have eaten and thoroughly enjoyed the burritos before, but for some reason had not bought them in a while. Around $3-4 each, the burrito is individually wrapped and sold so it makes it easy to buy one or many of their various flavors.

My personal favorite is the vegetarian bean and cheese, but the other flavors include shredded beef, beef and potato, and chicken and cheese. Gluten Freeda also sells a dairy-free, gluten-free vegetarian burrito, and two new favors: chipotle chicken and black bean and roasted pork verde.

I definitely suggest making the effort to find these tasty items, even if it takes some searching around different supermarkets. It is not often that a Celiac can enjoy the comfort and ease of a burrito. Gluten Freeda has done a great service to the gluten-free community, providing products that we have lacked for so long at a price that won't break the bank.

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Libby educates everyone on food allergies, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease.

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