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Oh, Crumbs!
Oh, Crumbs!

Self-proclaimed font of Celiac knowledge, Libby tries to educate everyone she comes across on the differences between allergies, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease.

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A "Sensitive" Subject

Every Celiac’s least favorite subject is getting sick and the most inconvenient, unpleasant symptom is the diarrhea. When you are going to the bathroom four or even five times in a couple of hours, little details that most other people would never think about become extremely important.

One of these is wiping. Yes, it isn’t something most people will freely talk about, but let’s get real for a moment here. Gluten contamination leads to a raw, painful experience while wiping. Of course, everyone wants to be clean when they leave the bathroom, but when dealing with a messy situation, this can involve a lot of toilet paper. Multiply this by five between the hours of lunch and dinner, and your rear end is not going to be a happy camper. Even the softest of tissues can feel like sandpaper on round four.

Recently, I discovered the pure joy of moistened wipes for adults. Yes, I'm talking about wet wipes: they're not just for babies anymore. Sure, you may feel like a baby getting their diaper changed, but you'll also reduce paper usage and save your sensitive skin from being ripped during every episode. The pack of wipes I have right now come in a handy box with a tissue grip rip and a good lid. Great packaging design, I must say! The brand I like best is Scott Naturals, which  are completely flushable and discrete. The perfume smell is a little overbearing, but next time I will look for "unscented."

It might also be useful to get smaller packs in plastic when you're out and about. For men, it may be a little harder to carry items around town without a handbag, but it does seem like every guy I know or see in San Francisco carries a messenger bag.  Everyone needs a carryall these days with laptops, tablets, giant smart phones and the like, so why not throw in something extra that will make your day a bit more manageable?

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About the Author

Libby educates everyone on food allergies, gluten sensitivity, and Celiac Disease.

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