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Wendy Hoffman blogs about menopause and women's health—particularly focusing on how diet and nutrition can positively affect a woman's life around the age of menopause.

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  • Nov 14 2012

    How to Make the Menopause Journey Easier

    As we approach the final weeks of this year, and as I wind up my blog on Healthline this week, I thought it would be a good time to look back at my previous columns and see whether the information and data I reported on still holds up. It seems...

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  • Nov 08 2012

    The Quest for Hot Flash Solutions Continues

    While attending the recent annual conference of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS), I learned about a very interesting, NIH-funded, multi-location research network, called MsFlash, that is conducting randomized clinical trials to test...

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  • Oct 31 2012

    Think Twice About Screening Tests

    There’s been so much discussion and debate this year over when and how often women should be screened for diseases that the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) devoted an entire day to midlife screening at their recent annual conference for...

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  • Oct 24 2012

    A Positive Attitude Can Help You Flourish

    Would you describe yourself as a positive person? One who finds positive meaning in day to day circumstances more frequently than negativity? If you’re sleep deprived and experiencing hot flashes all the time, you probably think this question ...

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  • Oct 18 2012

    Does Your Doctor Have the Expertise to Guide You Through the Menopause Years?

    I recently attended the annual conference of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS)--whose membership is comprised of clinical and science experts, including physicians, researchers, and nurses -- who focus almost exclusively on women’s h...

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  • Oct 10 2012

    The Power of the Nap

    Because sleep disorders are a troublesome symptom of menopause for most women (myself included), I’ve written frequently about the need to make getting enough shut-eye a priority. But how much is really necessary in order to have quality wakin...

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  • Oct 03 2012

    Yoga for Health and Hormone Balancing

    There is accumulating scientific evidence that yoga offers many well known health benefits, though the yoga enthusiasts I know say they don't need any proof to validate what they already know: Yoga just makes them feel better and they can’t ima...

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  • Sep 26 2012

    Is It Time To Take Charge of Your Health?

    Are you a 40- or 50-year-old woman still in your “invincible” mode? You fit the bill if you haven’t had a medical check up in a few years, visited the gym for a serious workout in months, you’re overweight, and you feel tired most of the time. ...

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  • Sep 19 2012

    More Good News About Chocolate's Many Health Benefits

    There seems to be no shortage of good news about the health benefits of chocolate. The latest comes from a new study that suggests that eating chocolate may help reduce your risk of stroke. This large study out of Sweden involved men, but th...

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  • Sep 12 2012

    The Latest News on Vitamin D

    I’ve been reading about the importance of vitamin D since 2008, when the “sunshine vitamin” became the “it” supplement that everyone was talking about in books, magazine articles, and even among medical researchers. Since then, nearly every vit...

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