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It's Funny on the Insides
It's Funny on the Insides

Ben Morrison blogs with an abundance of humor about Crohn's disease.

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  • Oct 15 2012

    Burning Ben: Crohn's in the Desert

    Burning Man seemed like the worst possible place for a Crohn’s patient to be, even the name sounded like what my rear end feels like after a bad meal. One of the longest-running arts and music festivals in the country, Burning Man is also o...

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  • Oct 08 2012

    Commander Bowel: A Race Against Time

    Hammerton Hall certainly was old. Once housing Hammerton Junior High’s most promising theatrical endeavors, Hammerton Hall was now mainly used for the detention Maxwell now sat at. Tapping his pen rhythmically against his desk admiring the drap...

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  • Aug 29 2012

    Commander Bowel: A Hero Rises

    The last couple of months had not been easy for Maxwell. A seemingly never-ending series of doctors and tests had left him with morememories he would like to forget than answers he could use. After the near-miss at school, he had run home...

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  • Aug 13 2012

    Meet Crohn’s New Superhero: Commander Bowel

    Maxwell did not know there was a superhero living within him, but as all superhero stories go, no one ever knows. Three months before last, Maxwell had eaten a slice of red velvet cake and quite by accident pooed all over his living room fl...

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  • Aug 06 2012

    When Life Gets Tough, Crohn’s Gets Tougher

    There are many unfair things about having Crohn's but the most unfair is its uncanny sense of timing. Like a stalker that only hops out of the bushes until after you've tripped, Crohn’s knows when things are bad, and then makes them worse. A...

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  • Jul 18 2012

    Canine Envy

    I'm dog-sitting my girlfriends two dogs and I'm jealous of how well they poo. Axl is a young Yorkie and Bella is an old Chihuahua. Both have a healthy digestive system, which is regularly exercised on my rug. I'd be angrier with them when it h...

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  • Jun 27 2012

    This Thing Behind My Back Door

    We both knew it was coming. I had made an emergency "day of" appointment with my GP to get the stinging bulge in my rectum looked at, and having finished describing it, it was time to show it to my doctor. With a disturbing nonchalance I dropp...

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  • Jun 19 2012

    Ben Morrison’s Guide to Poo: Episode 1

    The Milkshake Liquid and frothy, the Milkshake is usually spewed after a gluttonous night where warring culinary factions drunkenly dance together like the cast of West Side Story. Ejected from the rectum like a chocolate fire-hose, the Milk...

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  • Jun 11 2012


    While having an incurable intestinal disease is tragic, there are many benefits that are often overlooked. Amidst the pain and shame of near constant diarrhea there is a silver lining that people miss as they scrape the brown lining off of...

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  • May 25 2012

    I’m Flare’n

    I will admit I haven’t been here in awhile.For years, I’ve ridden a monorail of good-luck-Crohn’s. I’ve lived like I never had the disease. I ate, drank, and did whatever the hell I wanted because while I knew it was there, it never seemed to h...

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