Hold That Pause
Hold That Pause

You Have "Peri" What? : Let's Begin by Empowering You

A woman holding a sign that reads I want to continue this new series of posts by giving you a book recommendation. Of course, I realize that my suggesting you read a book in order to learn how to get your doctor to listen to you might feel a little bit like your doctor telling you to “take an aspirin and call him in the morning.” 

When you’re frustrated and looking for help with perimenopause symptoms, simply reading a book is not going to solve the problem. I know that. But we have to begin somewhere, and beginning with The Empowered Patient, by CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is an excellent place to start.  

The Empowered Patient is an easy -- let me repeat that -- very easy book to read. There is no dry, heady medical jargon to wade through. There’s just plain language to help you confront and deal with the common issues we all face when we try to get help in the medical system: how to get the right diagnosis; how to buy the cheapest drugs; how to get the best medical care every time; and my personal favorite, how to beat your insurance company. She also makes no unrealistic claim that if you buy her book all of your medical problems will magically go away (and neither will I). 

What exactly does The Empowered Patient have to do with perimenopause?  Well, nothing. But, that is also what is going to happen if you go into your physician’s office looking for help when you’re unprepared. Because if any patient needs to be empowered it is women who are in perimenopause

In fact, personal empowerment, in my opinion, is half the battle. We all have our stories where we have been dismissed and ignored, or worse, made to feel just a wee bit psychotic with our “hormone issues.”  And let’s face it, when your progesterone is low, and your estrogen is dominant, you’re not exactly feeling empowered.

I must admit, ladies, if I’m honest; I sometimes wish we could rewind back to the days where our physician was more like a family friend, who knew our medical history, and who also had the time to sit with us and discuss our health concerns. But nostalgia aside, that system had its flaws too. 

Today, thanks to the Internet, we have more access to medical information. We also have more choices in physicians, and we have more of a voice in the type of care we receive. But with the access and the choices, we also have to take more personal responsibility for our healthcare. The Empowered Patient will absolutely help you to do just that. 

To be continued...

Magnolia Miller is a certified healthcare consumer advocate in women’s health and a women’s freelance health writer and blogger at The Perimenopause Blog.

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