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Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness

Dr. Hotze's book Just when I thought it was safe to move onto another topic, one of my favorite go-to physicians for women’s health issues published another book on the subject of hypothyroidism.  

Dr. Steven F. Hotze, MD, author of Hormones, Health, and Happiness (a book I’ve reviewed and cited often),and founder of the Hotze Health and Wellness Clinic in Houston, Texas, has published another book entitled: Hypothyroidism, Health & Happiness: The Riddle of Illness Revealed.

It was Dr. Hotze who first brought to my attention what has arguably become an American health epidemic: hypothyroidism. Though it’s not that I wasn’t aware that a lot of people (particularly women) suffer from hypothyroidism so much.

But, that the testing procedures used to diagnose hypothyroidism, are woefully inadequate. It was Dr. Hotze who first pointed this out to me, and I’ve been highly intrigued ever since. Particularly since women going through perimenopause often suffer from hypothyroidism and either do not know it, or may suspect it but have been told that their blood work reveals “normal” thyroid function.

I’m particularly excited over Dr. Hotze’s new book, because I’m hoping his research and due diligence regarding hypothyroidism in women will get more airplay. I know that periodically, certain physical illnesses and treatments become culturally vogue, i.e., ADHD in children, depression and bipolar (in everybody) and in some regard, even hormone issues for women.

As a result, we get saturated with information on said topics, and like humans often do, we tend to tune it out. I hope that people won’t tune this out. If for no other reason, that the testing controversy will finally get addressed.

In addition to Dr. Hotze’s new book release (which I heard about yesterday), I also ran across this article, “Hypothyroidism Symptoms & Solutions” by Loretta Lanphier, a naturopathic practitioner, clinical herbalist and nutritionist, and holistic health practitioner, who is also in the Houston, Texas area.  

It is a rather long article, but extremely well-written and definitely worth your time to read. I was particularly struck by the long list of symptoms she cites in the article which are associated with hypothyroidism. It is, without question, the longest list of symptoms I’ve ever seen associated with any other condition. It’s staggering.

I will be receiving a complimentary copy of Dr. Hotze’s book in the very near future to review here and at The Perimenopause Blog. I’m eagerly anticipating it, given what I’ve learned thus far about women in perimenopause and hypothyroidism.  So be sure and watch for that post in the very near future!

In the meantime, also be sure and check out Loretta Lanphier’s article. It’s excellent!

Magnolia Miller is a certified healthcare consumer advocate in women's health and a women's freelance health writer and blogger at The Perimenopause Blog.

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