Hold That Pause
Hold That Pause

Dizziness & Vertigo in Perimenopause: The Thyroid Solution

A friend called me the other day. She’s 47 years old and displaying classic symptoms of perimenopause. I didn’t need to tell her that, however, because she already knew. Instead, she wanted to talk to me about the weight gain she had been experiencing, and could not, no matter what she did (and this girl has been working hard to lose weight) drop one single pound.

The conversation eventually rolled around to her thyroid function, and she said that she had been tested several times for hypothyroidism, and her test results all came back – wait for it – “normal.”  But, she still felt something was wrong, and didn’t think the test results were accurate. 

We talked considerably about how flawed the testing procedures are for hypothyroidism. Of course, none of this did anything to assuage her frustration. But, it did give her something else to go on at her next doctor visit. 

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that this whole thyroid dysfunction thing frustrates the holy “H” out of me. I want very much to give you guys straight forward, clear-cut answers which solve your problems. But, I can’t, and I hate that. Especially since I know so many of you are desperate (as I was at one time) for answers to all of your crazy perimenopause symptoms.

But, I found this book.

Yes, I’m a little book crazy, I know. But I’m working hard for ya’ll, so you’re just going to have to put up with me!  If you read my last post on vertigo and dizziness in perimenopause, then you may already be familiar with it. It’s called The Thyroid Solution: A Revolutionary Mind-Body Program That Will Help You, by Dr. Ridha Arem, M.D.

Let me tell you why I like this book, and why I think it’s worth your while to purchase it:

First, Dr. Arem validates everything I’ve been beating out of the bushes on the relationship between thyroid dysfunction and all those whack-a-doodle (my favorite word lately) symptoms like vertigo and dizziness, panic attacks, heart palpitations, and anxiety during perimenopause.  He also addresses the problem with testing for thyroid dysfunction, and why it is at the root of so many cases of hypothyroidism going undiagnosed. 

The only thing that bothers me about this book selection is that the original copyright is 1999. Here we are in 2013, still having problems accurately testing for thyroid dysfunction! Hello?! But don’t let that stop you from picking up a copy. 

It’s still an excellent book which just might provide some much needed answers for you. Especially if you’ve been suffering with vertigo and dizziness, anxiety, panic attacks, and heart palpitations in perimenopause, and wondered if your thyroid might have something to do with it.

Magnolia Miller is a certified healthcare consumer advocate in women's health and a women's freelance health writer and blogger at The Perimenopause Blog.

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