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After surviving a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while nine months pregnant, Nefertari has devoted her life to uplifting other heart patients and promoting heart health awareness.

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Weight Loss and the Ole Ticker

Obesity in this country has become an epidemic.

When I was a young girl, physical education was a class required in school. We learned how to exercise and what foods we should and shouldn't eat. We also had recess everyday. This was a time were we were able to go outside and run around to get fresh air and exercise. It wasn't an option or a privilege--rather, it was part of our day.

We also had after-school activities that lasted year-round --and they were free. Low income children were given the same opportunities of middle class children.

These days, some kids are only given recess as a privilege. Physical education lasts only part of the school year for some children and after-school sports are only for the kids whose parents can afford them.

Before my heart attack, I worked for a school district in my state capital of Trenton, New Jersey. It seemed like every few years, the rules for physical education changed. My motto has always been that if it's not broken, then don't fix it. Now children are more sedentary than in years past. I believe this is why obesity is on the rise.

I have said to myself more times than I can count, "I would work out more if I didn't have this extra weight." My doctor has instructed me to do my best whenever I complained about my weight and my inability to exercise. I had my heart attack while I was nine months pregnant so even when I gave birth, I continued to feel nine months pregnant. Because of the fatigue from the heart failure and the excess pregnancy weight, I was unable to follow my daily exercise routine.

I decided that portion control was the way to go for me. I began eating smaller amounts. I ate on a small plate and resisted going back for seconds. Once I noticed the weight coming off, I kept up this regime. I also noticed that I felt a little better. I had a tad more energy which made me want to move a little more. The more I lost, the better I felt and the more I moved.

This simple trick has helped me lose enough weight to get into my pre-pregnancy jeans. This was a big deal for me!

I know weight loss is very difficult, especially when you are battling heart disease and fatigue. I do have to say, however, that the benefits are very much worth the sacrifice. Although I am nowhere near the active vibrant woman that I used to be, I am able to do a little more than I could before I lost the pounds. I'll take it!

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After surviving a heart attack, Nefertari has devoted her life to promoting heart health awareness.

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