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After surviving a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while nine months pregnant, Nefertari has devoted her life to uplifting other heart patients and promoting heart health awareness.

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Halloween -- specifically the trick-or-treating part -- is one of the most exciting times of year to some children. I enjoy it also. It involves two of my favorite things: crisp fall air and candy.

For a mother of five with heart disease, though,  trick-or-treating can be a challenge.


Traveling from block to block, house to house can be a bit much for anyone, especially someone who isn't able to move quickly due to the effects of heart disease.

My children are used to my slow movements and frequent rest stops but unfortunately time waits for no one. Some of the excitement of Halloween is counting how much candy you collect at the end of the night. If my kids are stuck trick-or-treating with slow ol' Mom...well, let's just say they don't end up with much candy.

Fortunately in my neighborhood we have an alternative: Trunk-or-Treat. A group of parents and neighbors get together and fill the trunks of their cars with bowls and bowls of candy. The children are then allowed to go from car to car, which are lined up right next to each other, and collect their treats. This set up, while not your traditional trick-or-treat scenario, is the best for a mother in my condition.

My kids loves this option. They do not have to creep along with dear old Mom as I work to keep up, and they get to collect a large amount of candy in a short amout of time. Perfect combination!

This option is perfect for parents who may not be able to travel or walk long distances. I look for the Trunk-a-treat events in my neighborhood, but if there aren't any I am always prepared to round up some neighbors and make one happen.



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After surviving a heart attack, Nefertari has devoted her life to promoting heart health awareness.

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