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Heart to Heart

After surviving a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while nine months pregnant, Nefertari has devoted her life to uplifting other heart patients and promoting heart health awareness.

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Ailing Hearts, Connected by a Clasp

Even before my heart attack I loved to make jewelry. I frequented a quaint wholesale jewelry making shop called Hagztogs on Samson Street in Philadelphia, PA.

Whenever I would go in I would laugh and joke with the family that owns the business, as well as the other patient souls that work there. I call them super patient because at the beginning of my jewelry making quest, I knew nothing, but was determined to make my own pieces. I would stand in that shop for hours asking questions and selecting one piece at a time...and very slowly. They never complained and they happily shared their knowledge with me, which has been a tremendous help. 

My first visit back post-heart attack was interesting. I walked in one lovely Spring day and they all greeted me warmly, taking notice of my long absence.

When I explained where I had been I looked up and the owner of the shop was pointing at his own chest in a familiar position. He was pointing to his defibrillator.

This man that I had visited repeatedly for several years had suffered five heart attacks. He told me his own story with the same jovial spirit I had come to know over the years of frequenting his shop,  which inspired me a great deal.

He is a man of a particular age with a wife, children, and grand children. Despite all that he has been through he  still comes to work everyday with that same positive attitude. He absolutely loves life!

I asked him his secret. He said, "A beautiful, supportive family and the will to live!"

When my health permits I visit the shop as often as I can. They have everything that I need for jewelry making -- especially those hard to find unique pieces that gives my jewelry that special touch.

When ever I enter I announce my arrival by asking,  "Where is my defibrillator buddy?" (in my overly perky high pitched voice) and as soon as he hears my voice he comes from behind the wall and we smile.

It's amazing what can connect two people. 

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After surviving a heart attack, Nefertari has devoted her life to promoting heart health awareness.

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