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After surviving a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while nine months pregnant, Nefertari has devoted her life to uplifting other heart patients and promoting heart health awareness.

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The 2012 Presidential Election and My Health

The upcoming presidential election is a big one for me, not because there is a candidate with a certain skin color or one of a particular religion, but because now I have to look at this election through the eyes (and with the heart) of a disabled adult.

Since my heart attack I have been covered by my husbands medical insurance. This has been great. I have had access to world-class doctors and top medical care. However, due to certain circumstances, that may change and I will no longer have that insurance. If this happens, I may have to pay a large amount of money each month for medical coverage -- and that is only if I can find an insurance company that will accept me with my pre-existing condition.

I understand why some people don't want the universal health care; we're all afraid of change. I'm a little nervous too. I don't want to wait for an important check-ups and procedures like we are told happens in Canada, and I definitely don't want to get taxed if I choose not to have coverage. However, everyone gets sick, and everyone should have access to medical care.

The candidates both seem to love their families, their higher power, and their country. However I need a candidate who understands the plight of the average American. Who understands that, though we might like to, we can't all be business owners and top wage-earners. That people who work hard should be able to earn a decent living with which to take care of themselves and their families, and that includes providing for their healthcare needs. We shouldn't have to worry about getting dropped from our insurance when we get sick -- which, ironically, is when we need coverage the most. 

I need my leader to recognize that equal rights means that we all get a fair shot, no matter how we got started in life. 

When I was a young girl, my mother and I used to attend religious services. She wanted me to have the same opportunities that she saw being afforded to the other children have that were being raised in this particular lifestyle. Though as an adult I chose to no longer participate in that religion, I was always impressed by they way that community took care of each other. If one was down, they lent a hand to help lift them up. If someone was sick, they came together until that person was well enough to get back onto his feet. And I think that model is a good one for America, too. 





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After surviving a heart attack, Nefertari has devoted her life to promoting heart health awareness.

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