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Heart Smart Living

Cardiologist, author, and heart health expert Dr. Sarah Samaan offers advice on how to live a heart smart life.

  • Aug 10 2012

    Chia Seeds: New Uses for an Ancient Wonder Food

    Seemingly out of nowhere, chia seeds have emerged as a hot new super food, appearing in such diverse products as crackers, granola, juice drinks, and even puddings. The seeds are packed with healthy omega-3 fats and are high in protein and fi...

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  • Jul 05 2012

    Soft Drinks and Hypertension: Artificial Sweeteners and Fructose May Have the Same Effect

    High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) gets a bad rap, and rightly so. It’s used to sweeten most carbonated sodas, fruit drinks, cookies, even bread and other baked goods. Because these foods are so plentiful, relatively inexpensive, and have such lo...

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  • Jun 18 2012

    Krill Oil or Fish Oil: What’s the Difference?

    Omega-3 fatty acids are best known for their heart protective properties and their ability to lower triglyceride levels, but they also help to keep the skin supple and the eyes bright. Omega-3 fats are critical to the healthy development of the...

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  • Jun 13 2012

    Best Practices for a Healthy Heart Step 6: Supplements and Herbs

    My book, Best Practices for a Healthy Heart: How to Stop Heart Disease Before or After it Starts, was published this spring by The Experiment publishing house, and is distributed by Workman. In the book, I outline seven important steps that wil...

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  • May 09 2012

    Antioxidants and Brain Health: Supplements May Harm, but Berries Protect

    “Antioxidant” is a word that has become part of our daily jargon, but exactly how these nutritional scavengers work is not entirely clear. We know that they block the effects of harmful free radicals, preventing damage to the cells of our bodie...

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  • Nov 28 2011

    Should You Take a Multivitamin?

    Surprising new research suggests possible harm from this common supplement Many of us, myself included, have considered our multivitamin as an integral part of starting the day as washing our face and brushing our teeth. In fact, as many as ...

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  • Nov 21 2011

    Vitamin E: A Supplement Whose Time has Passed

    Vitamin E is one of our most important anti-oxidant vitamins. It fights against free radicals, helping to protect our arteries from cholesterol buildup and our cells from cancer. Vitamin E also keeps our blood cells flexible and healthy, and pl...

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  • Nov 03 2011

    Omega 3, 6, and 9: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

    For years, we cardiologists have badgered our patients to eat a low-fat diet without understanding that our well-intentioned advice may not be very well informed. The fact is, the body craves fat for good reasons. Fat is important in satiety, a...

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  • Oct 31 2011

    High-Potassium Foods may Protect Your Brain

    Our bodies are virtual chemistry labs, performing all sorts of complicated chemical reactions every second of every day simply to keep us alive. When you stop to think about it, it’s truly mind boggling that we humans manage to survive, conside...

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  • Aug 22 2011

    Congestive Heart Failure and Fish Oil

    Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects millions of Americans, killing 300,000 of us each year. Nearly half a million new cases are diagnosed annually. This condition, in which the heart is unable to adequately pump blood through the arteries, c...

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