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Heart Smart Living
Heart Smart Living

Cardiologist, author, and heart health expert Dr. Sarah Samaan offers advice on how to live a heart smart life.

  • Sep 15 2011

    Why I Love Avocados

    Pity the poor avocado. For all its lushly green goodness, it packs a powerful caloric punch, to the tune of about 250 calories per plump little fruit. With about 23 grams of fat, a single avocado can amount to about one third of our daily fat a...

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  • Aug 29 2011

    Diverticular Disease and Diet

    There is no doubt that a high fiber diet helps to keep our hearts healthy and our cholesterol levels down. Soluble fiber, which comes from apples, oat bran, prunes, and legumes (among others) is especially good for lowering cholesterol. A high ...

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  • Aug 25 2011

    Trans Fats: What You Need to Know

    Trans fats have been a hot topic for several years, but most people still don’t know exactly what they are or how to spot them. A trans fat usually starts out innocently enough as soybean oil. It is put through a chemical process that fundamen...

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  • Aug 22 2011

    Congestive Heart Failure and Fish Oil

    Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects millions of Americans, killing 300,000 of us each year. Nearly half a million new cases are diagnosed annually. This condition, in which the heart is unable to adequately pump blood through the arteries, c...

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  • Aug 15 2011

    Obesity: a Threat to Our National Security?

    Linking obesity to our national security may seem like a stretch, but the latest report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation makes it clear that the problem is as serious as a heart attack. The124-page ...

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  • Aug 08 2011

    Six Steps to Curb the Obesity Epidemic

    The Trust for America’s Health, in partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recently released a chilling report on obesity in America. Aptly titled "F as in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future," the 124 page document details...

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  • Aug 04 2011

    Breast Cancer and Your Heart

    Heart disease kills more than six times as many women as breast cancer, and the risk of heart disease is rising in women under 50. Despite the efforts of the American Heart Association, many women still believe that breast cancer is their grea...

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  • Aug 01 2011

    Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe it’s Time to See a Cardiologist

    It has been estimated that one in three men over the age of 50 will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) from time to time. As men age, the likelihood of ED rises, in part due to a natural decline in testosterone levels. However, for many men,...

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  • Jul 25 2011

    Heart Smart Shopping on a Budget

    “Doctor, I just can’t afford healthy food.” It’s a common lament in these financially stressed times, but in truth, cutting back on spending does not mean giving up on good health. The food we eat has a tremendous impact on our health and well-...

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  • Jul 05 2011

    Olive Oil Cuts the Risk for Stroke

    The Mediterranean diet fights heart disease, cancer, and inflammation better than any diet out there. It’s what I recommend to my patients, family, and friends, and a way of life that I have fully embraced for years. Olive oil is a cornerstone ...

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