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Heart Smart Living
Heart Smart Living

Cardiologist, author, and heart health expert Dr. Sarah Samaan offers advice on how to live a heart smart life.

  • Sep 12 2011

    Marriage Does a Man’s Heart Good

    Can marriage save a man’s life? According to a recent Canadian study, it most certainly may. Dr. Clare Atzema and colleagues were interested in finding out whether married people were more likely than their single counterparts to get to the em...

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  • Aug 15 2011

    Obesity: a Threat to Our National Security?

    Linking obesity to our national security may seem like a stretch, but the latest report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation makes it clear that the problem is as serious as a heart attack. The124-page ...

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  • Aug 11 2011

    Stop and Think before You Stop Your Aspirin

    Aspirin is the Rodney Dangerfield of pharmaceuticals. As the iconic comic would say, it can’t "get no respect.” Although many of us think of aspirin as a cheap and effective painkiller, it is also a lifesaving drug for people with heart disease...

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  • Jul 11 2011

    Statins and Diabetes: What You Need to Know

    Statins are the closest thing we have to cardiovascular wonder drugs. These cholesterol-lowering drugs cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes by 30 percent or more, slow the progression of cholesterol buildup, and in some people can even shr...

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  • Jul 07 2011

    Ginkgo for Memory? Think Again

    Ginkgo biloba is one of the world’s most popular herbs, accounting for over $1 billion in global sales each year. A plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, it is touted as a treatment for conditions as diverse as asthma, tinni...

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  • Jun 27 2011

    What You Should Know about Simvastatin

    Simvastatin, also known as Zocor, is a statin drug that doctors prescribe to lower cholesterol. It was first approved by the FDA in 1991 and went generic in 2006. Although there are more potent non-generic statin drugs—some with less potential ...

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  • Jan 31 2011

    Meet Dr. Sarah

    As a cardiologist in practice since 1994, I have had the great fortune of participating in some truly extraordinary advancements in medicine and technology. Heart attacks that we used to consider life-changing are now treated with stents in a m...

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