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  • Oct 27 2011

    Can You Be Addicted to Sugar?

    As Halloween approaches, teeming with temptations in the form of sugary candy, a number of articles have been published addressing the link between obesity and overdoing it with the treats. In short, these articles say one thing: candy is bad. ...

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  • Sep 16 2011

    Brazilian Blowout Taking Heat

    Brazilian Blowout marketing materials.From someone whose hair often resembles a Chia pet on a good day, I admit a certain fascination with pin-straight, sleek, frizz-free hair. However, when there comes with it the potential for major harm to ...

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  • Sep 15 2011

    Cantaloupes Linked to Listeria Outbreak

    A Colorado farm recalled cantaloupes sold between July 29 and September 10 out of concern the fruit may be infected with listeria, a deadly strain of bacteria. Sixteen people from five states were found to be infected with the outbreak-associat...

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  • Sep 06 2011

    Slow Down: Your Eating Speed Helps Determine Your Weight

    I’ve always been a fast eater, but I didn’t find out until college. There I was, sitting in the cafeteria staring at my empty tray of food and all my new friends were just starting in on their food. I guess those 18-minute lunch periods in hi...

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  • Aug 09 2011

    Get Up and Move Around: Sitting Causes Too Many Problems

    As a writer by trade, I spend most of my day in a cubicle, typing away at a computer. After work, I go home and work on more writing projects, accumulating even more time in front of the computer or typewriter. Between the hours on the comput...

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  • Jul 29 2011

    Week in Health: July 23 - 29

    Study: 1 in 3 People Who Get Nose Jobs have Body Dismorphic Disorder (Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons) CDC: Strokes Rise Among Pregnant Women, New Moms (Huff Post Have Researchers Found a Vaccine Against Heroin? (Was...

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  • Jul 27 2011

    How Your Personality Predicts Your Odds for Obesity

    We know there is an obesity crisis in this country. Statistics fly at us from various sources (here’s another one: about one third of adults in the United States are obese, according to the CDC). Despite the rising rates over the past few decad...

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  • Jul 22 2011

    Week in Health: July 16 - 22

    The past weeks top health news items, including the latest obesity study, news on how Google changes the way your memory works, and information on why we are not on track to rid the world of Polio.

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  • Jul 20 2011

    What TV Teaches Our Teens

    TV is influential, which isn’t terribly shocking. More shocking is the decline in our values over the decades—and how closely that decline may be connected to our TV-watching habits. According to a recent study by UCLA, published in Cyberps...

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  • Jul 14 2011

    World Threatened by Japanese Super Gonorrhea, Say Scientists

    World War II era poster warning of STD's.Scientists are reporting the discovery in Kyoto, Japan of a new strain of gonorrhea that is impervious to antibiotic treatments. Gonorrhea—known colloquially and in modern English literature as “the ...

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