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YOU Say: Genital Integrity Rules!

My previous post, WHO says: Male Circumcision Should be Part of HIV Prevention, reporting the World Health Organization's (not my own!) recommendations that male circumcision be part of a comprehensive plan to help prevent HIV transmission hit a nerve. Sixty percent of males are not circumcised and many insist the practice is barbaric and nothing short of mutilation. The International Coalition for Genital Integrity (ICGI) exists to protect the rights of all humans to have the genitalia they were born with: males, females or intersexed. The Genital Integrity Movement "opposes medically unnecessary genital modification including male and female circumcision."

In 1949 pediatrician Dr. Douglas Gairdner published The Fate of the Foreskin in the British Medical Journal. He concluded then there was little medical value to performing the operation. The foreskin of the penis is rich in nerve endings, and studies show that male circumcision decreases sexual sensitivity and pleasure in males and their partners (of either sex).

Nobel Laureates Dr. Crick and Jonas Salk signed the Ashley Montague Resolution to End the Genital Mutilation of Children Worldwide A Petition to the World Court The Hague. Ok, scientists at WHO, now what do you recommend?

Image courtesy of Genital Integrity: Genital Integrity. © 1998 NOHARMM
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