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World Water Day 2007: 4500 Children Die Daily

The UN General Assembly designated March 22 as World Water Day to draw attention to the critical lack of clean drinking water worldwide. The world water crisis is one of our most pressing public health issues, with 20% of the world's population (or 1.1 billion people) lacking access to safe drinking water and nearly two thirds of those people live in Asia. 2.2 million people died from drinking unsafe water in 2004 and 90% of those were children.

Given the technological advances much of the world is enjoying, this is an appalling situation.
  • Clean drinking water and basic sanitation are prerequisites for health and human rights.
  • No diseases that plague the world today can be adequately controlled if people do not have clean water and sanitation.
  • While the number of people with access to clean water has increased since 1990, the absolute number is impacted by the increase in the global population
  • Industry accounts for 21% of world water uses. Corporations have an opportunity to partner with governments and civil society to be advocates and providers of clean water.
  • Lack of clean water for people hurts businesses because it negatively impacts human resources: increased illness, absenteeism and reduced productivity and labor supply.
  • Go to Maplecroft Maps for a comprehensive tutorial about water resources.
  • Women and girls in rural parts of the world must walk as much as 6 miles a day to provide water for the household.
Join a Walk for Water on March 24, 2007, inspired by the women who walk for water for their families in water stressed countries. For a list of Walk for Water participants, go to
World Water Day 2007.

Thank you Demosh for use of your beautiful photo, Women.
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