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Workplace Eye Health Safety Month

Our eyes are organs of our sensory nervous system. Visual information from the retina in the eye travels to the brain along the optic nerve. The brain mixes the images it receives from both eyes. The outer layer of the eyeball that transmits light to the retina is the cornea. It is sensitive to harsh liquids resulting in corneal abrasions. The eyeball itself is filled with watery fluid called the aqueous humor. Flying objects can penetrate the eye resulting in blindness.

Prevent Blindness America asks us to observe Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month. In the US, 2000 employees suffer eye injuries daily. Eye injuries can be prevented by the use of protective eyewear at work, at home, at school and in sports. Activities we take for granted, like hammering a nail, can result in a flying nail that penetrates the eye. Always wear protective gear when using power tools, toxic chemicals including glue, and striking tools.

Never apply pressure to or rub an injured eye. Do not attempt to remove a foreign body. Do not use tweezers or cotton swabs on the eyes. Always seek immediate medical help for any eye emergency.

For use of the photo, Steely Eyed Cox'n , thank you Bast Productions.
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