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Week in Health: July 1 - July 8

Global Health

WHO Releases Updated List of the Top 10 Causes of Death Worldwide (WHO)

WHO Issues Statement Urging More Countries to Require Large, Graphic Health Warning on Tobacco Packaging (WHO

Common Smoking Drug Linked to Increased Heart Attack Risk (CMAJ)

U.S. Policy and Healthcare

Middle School Drug Use Increases While Teen Birth Rate Dips (

Second Most Deadly Cancer in the U.S. Can Be Stopped Before it Starts (CDC)

Obama Administration Offers 3 New Ways it Claims Will Improve Care & Lower Costs for Medicaid (Health & Human Services)

CA Receives Low Ranking Climate Change Health Report; Study Predicts Declining Air Quality & Increased Health Concerns in CA (SF Chronicle)

Vivid Graphic Warning Labels Will be Required on Cigarette Packs Sold in the U.S. Starting in 2012 (Healthline)

FDA To Put in Place New Anti-Smuggling Strategy to Curb Food Smuggling (FDA)

Expert FDA Panel Rules that Avastin Should No Longer Be Used to Treat Breast Cancer (SF Chronicle)

The Latest Studies

Environmental Factors Key to Autism: New Study Reverses Thinking on Autism Causes (Healthline

Erosion of Memory More Likely in the Southern States Dubbed the “Stroke Belt” (NY Times)

New Study Examines Social Media’s Role in Eating Disorders and Our Obsession With Thinness (Healthline)

You Know What They Say About a Man with Big Gloves: Study Links Hand Size to Penis Length (PubMed)

Skimping on the Salt May Not Prevent Heart Disease or Early Death: Study (Reuters)

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