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Week in Health: July 23 - 29

Study: 1 in 3 People Who Get Nose Jobs have Body Dismorphic Disorder (Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

CDC: Strokes Rise Among Pregnant Women, New Moms (Huff Post 

Have Researchers Found a Vaccine Against Heroin? (Washington Post)

Study: ‘Digital Addiction’ is Real (interperience)

Americans Now Drinking Less Soda, Consuming Less Sugar (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition)

Male Birth Control Options – Researchers Introduce Array of Male Contraceptives (Time / NY Times)

Healthy Happy Meals: McDonald’s Plan to Cut Calories in Kids’ Meals (Time)

Teens and fast-food: Study from UCLA looks at the rise of “convenient” food outlets and increased consumption of unhealthy foods by teens. (UCLA)

How Your Personality Predicts Your Odds for Obesity (Healthline)

New Yale University study suggests that age-related memory loss might be reversible. (ScienceDaily)

Scientists discover “super antibody” to fight all flu types. (Reuters)

American Heart Association Updates Prevention Guidelines. Doctors tailoring treatment plans per patient rather than based on clinical trials. (CNN

Kim Kardashian announces to the world that she suffers from the skin disorder psoriasis. (Healthline)

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