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Week in Health: July 16 - 22

Health Trends in the U.S.

Latest study shows that every single state in the U.S. has a population that is 20% or more obese. (CDC)

New study shows that TV teaches teens to value fame above all else. (Healthline)

Former NFL players sue league for concealing concussion risk, claiming the NFL hid information for over 80 years. (Healthline)

Scientific Breakthroughs

Your brain on Google: how search changes the way you think. (Healthline)

UCLA study finds that our brain’s circadian clock declines with age, providing new insight into age-related sleep problems. (UCLA Newsroom)

A quarter of men have a genetic change that makes them less fertile than other men. (BBC News)

Do cell phones cause cancer or not? Latest answer is no. (Time Magazine - Healthland)

Brain surgery might be able to cure otherwise “untreatable” epilepsy. (ScienceDaily)

Study shows why drinking coffee may reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. (Science Daily)

Hazards of height: tall people may be more prone to cancer. (Time Magazine - Healthland)

U.S. Healthcare & Policy

FDA approves 2011-2011 influenza vaccines. (FDA

Medical advisory panel recommends that insurers be required to cover contraceptives free of charge. (NY Times)

FDA wants public input on how mobile medical applications should be monitored by federal regulators. (FDA)

Global Health

WHO calls for a ban on tuberculosis blood tests, stating that they are inaccurate and hence unethical.  (WHO)

Plan to rid world of polio by the end of 2012 is at risk (i.e., it probably won’t happen). (BBC News)

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