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Healthline Connects

Week in Health: July 11 - 15

Global Health

Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Threatens Globe (Healthline)

Iceland Proposes Bill: Presciption for Cigarettes (Time)

U.S. Policy and Healthcare

Skip the Hospital in July—Mortality Rates Increase as New Trainees Begin (Annals of Internal Medicine)

Seeking to Solve a National Crisis: Should Obese Kids Be Placed in Foster Care? (Time)

The Latest Studies

Internet Use Changes the Way Your Memory Works (NY Times)

Following the Crowd: Study Finds Social Networking Similar to Locust "Swarming" (Science Daily)

Coffee & Tea Consumption Could Ward Off MRSA Virus (Annals of Family Medicine)

Stop Slouching!: Study Shows that “Powerful Pose” Posture Leads to Higher Pain Tolerance (ScienceDirect)

Blackout: Why You Can't Remember What You Did Last Night - Researchers Discover Clues into How Alcohol Affects the Brain (Healthline)

IV Vitamin Therapy: Trend or Treatment? Examining the Use of Intravenous Vitamins (Healthline)

Mind over Medicine: Placebos Work as Well as Drug in Asthma Patients (Time)

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Tags: Awareness , Medical Breakthroughs , Public Health & Policy , Treatments

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