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We the People want Health Care Reform: A Commonwealth Fund Report

The Commonwealth Fund published a report this week illuminating what We The People want in health care reform. What are we adults over age 19 hoping our presidential candidates can deliver this time next year?

      • Candidates views on health care will influence voting
      • We want employers to continue contributing financially to cover costs for health care insurance
      • We want a requirement that everyone have healthcare insurance
      • We want the government to help those who can't afford it
      • We believe financing health insurance should be a shared responsibility of government, employers and individuals
The Commonwealth Fund is a think tank dedicated to a high performing health care system. They recommend we use the following criteria to evaluate the candidate's health care plans:

  • Access to care: provides equitable insurance coverage for all
  • Quality, efficiency and cost control: portability, efficiency
  • Financing: Financial equipment to achieving goals
All of the Democratic candidates support universal coverage as a goal. None of the Republicans do. All of the Democratic candidates support continued contributions to pay for health insurance by employers. None of the Republicans do.

We spent $2.1 trillion on health care in 2006: $7000 per person, 16% of the Gross National Product yet we are told we have the worst health outcomes. The US came up at the bottom of the list in preventable deaths. Treatable cancers, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and medical errors account for our poor ranking.

So the system is broken. Americans want it fixed. And we want a strong presidential candidate with the will, determination, intelligence and ability to build consensus to get the job done.

thank you Editor B for use of photo of New Orleans Health Clinic, US, 2007...
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