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The Terry Schiavo case polarized the US in 2005. Despite the media circus surrounding the story, it was a very tragic family affair hanging on a poorly understood phenomena - persistent vegetative state following Traumatic Brain Injury. With a new documentary, Coma, Academy-award nominated director and Emmy award winning producer Liz Garbus
follows four brain-injured patients and their families. This gentle film is a testament to love, family, the human spirit - the will to survive even when thought and personality itself are altered.

Every 15 seconds someone in the US is brain injured. Garbus was granted access to families and clinicians at Center for Head Injuries in Edison, New Jersey and chronicles their journey through rehabilitation over one year. Garbus shows us the subtle differences between minimally conscious state and persistent vegetative state. She makes it easy to understand how difficult it is for families to let go, especially when you see Sean, the young man diagnosed with persistent vegetative state, cry when his friend is talking to

The HBO website provides an 18 minute video clip for a sneak preview of the two-hour special, which will be aired throughout the month, exclusively on HBO. Coma made me cry - and I've dealt with a lot of TBI patients and families!

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We will update our popular Symptom Search to include more symptoms and conditions associated with traumatic brain injury. And even though I said in a previous post I didn't believe in telling tales out of school, there are some stories of my TBI patients that just need to be told- especially the
one featuring the narcissitic mom. She was right up there with
Livia Soprano and Snow White's stepmother.
Names will be changed of course.

Finally, we can't help but say - be careful out there! Most head injuries are related to transportation accidents. Have fun in the sun this summer but don't drink and drive, drink and dive and stay out of fights! Protect your brain - it's the sexiest part of you!

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