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Wall-to-Wall Cancer

When we think of cancer, we can usually conjure up an image of a tumor growing in one central location; the breast has breast cancer, the pancreas has pancreatic cancer and the prostate gland has prostate cancer. To visualize cancer of the blood, lymph and bone marrow however, means that you have to imagine the cancer flowing everywhere, deep inside the blood vessel walls, throughout the body.

In an effort to enhance the understanding of blood-related cancers and to encourage participation in voluntary activities to support education programs and the funding of research programs to find a cure for them the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has proposed September as Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Awareness Month. It is a time to take notice of the approximately 785,829 patients in the U.S. currently battling blood cancers.

Cancer of the blood can affect any of the blood forming cells.

Cancer of the white blood cells:

Cancer of the lymph tissue:

Cancer of the plasma cells:

Other blood cancers:

Please join Healthline to learn more about blood cancers. If you are living with cancer, please visit our Cyndy’s Cancer Treatment and Survivorship Blog. She has some great practical ideas about living with cancer that you, your friends and your family facing cancer can use. Drop in and say hello.

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