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Thyroid Questions from Our Readers: Communicating with Your Doctor

None of our blog posts have generated as much interest or as many comments as Some Symptoms of Functional Thyroid Disease. Let's start out by stating that I am not a thyroid disease expert and that blog posts are not exactly the right forum for getting detailed personal health questions answered. I am sorry that so many of you are having difficulty either understanding your thyroid problems or communicating them adequately with you health care providers. From reviewing the comments posted and mulling them over, I want to advocate that those of you with concerns about your thyroid and its impact on your health condition do the following:

Take the time to write and organize your own medical history. Take the time to go back over your personal health history and record every diagnosis you have ever been given and every surgery you ever had - succinctly. I can not stress enough that most doctors want to hear just the medical facts and sorry, not your emotional or psychological reaction to them. Save that for a therapist. I am going to give you the cold, hard truth here to help you navigate your way through the health care system and get what you want - better care.

Write it in this format:

1983: migraine HA Dr. xxzzy Crossroads, WY
1995: High Blood pressure Dr. Pttss Crossroads, WY
1996: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dr.Ssdst Sevenrivers, WY
Work Comp
2003: Hypothyroid Dr. Ptss Crossroads, WY


1988: C-Section Dr. bbbby Sevenrivers, WY
1997: Carpal Tunnel Release Dr. Ssdst Sevenrivers, WY


1977: MVA Fractured right rib, mild concussion

Medications: Include every vitamin and herbal supplement you take in this list. Over! My! Med! Body! features a place where you can do this on his website for free & he claims it is private. You could use any database program at home like Access.

Print two copies - one for you and one for your doctor. Keep it updated regularly. Many of you have questions about your lab studies. So if you are having lab studies done regularly, chart the results along with any changes in your medications and the changes in your weight as you are describing.

An excellent resource for thyroid disease is American Thyroid Association.
They have Patient Thyroid Brochures in English and Espanol. For those of you who still have questions and feel you are receiving inadequate teaching, please check out their Find A Thyroid Specialist interactive Map.
Best of luck to all of you, and keep writing! We are sorry we can not help you individually with your questions about your particular medical situation, but sure hope this helps!
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