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Thank You Nursing Standard - Clowns Scare Kids

I am so glad someone finally did a study on this important topic: kids are afraid of clowns. I know I am. I hate clowns. I always have. They freak me out. Coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, is more common in children than the fear of hospitals. Creepy clown decorations are a turn-off to recovering teenagers who just want a quiet space to chill out when they are sick. I agree. The last thing I want to look at when I am feeling sick is someone in loud makeup and a big red nose with a painted on smile and baggy pants trying to cheer me up.

Maybe images like these would be more helpful...

Thought for today: "The heart that loves is always young...never feel ashamed of loving someone..."

Thank you jamelah for use of photo fractals & polka dots
Thank you cammi angel for use of experiment 23_fractals
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