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Healthline Connects

Thank you Fat Doctor, for Grand Rounds 3.30!

Fat Doctor is a self described "Obese physician/patient reflects on life in the clinic and at home. Occasionally whining." She is also a TV addict. I wonder if we like the same shows? Anyway, she was nice enough to include my post,

XDR TB: Extremely Drug Resistant, Extremely Scary in this week's Grand Rounds, a weekly round up of the best darn reading in the medical blogosphere. Check it out for education and entertainment! It's much better than watching an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I hate those whiners anyway. For more global health issues read:

Global Healthbeat: AIDS in India

World Water Day: 4500 Children Die Daily

For musings on something closer to home:

Messed Up Guys with Guns: National Youth Violence Prevention Week
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