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Study Proves Parents Don't Understand Kids

A University of Rochester Medical Center study proves what kids have long suspected - parents have unreasonable expectations of them. No matter what parents income and education level, they don't know the basics of child development and often misinterpret their behavior. Here are some helpful tips for understanding your kids:
      • 1 year olds can't tell the difference between right and wrong
      • 1 year olds don't play well with others
      • 18 month olds are incapable of sitting still for a doctor's appointment
      • kids are naturally curious - not being defiant so avoid:
        • harsh discipline
        • withdrawal of affection
Pediatricians are encouraged to use well child visits to educate parents about child development. Parents might enjoy their children more if they understood where they are on the "evolutionary timeline" a little better. I have to laugh when I see parents "negotiating" with two year olds. But I cringe when I see little ones out in a jogging stroller with no blankets, jackets or covering - exposed to the elements while mom or dad is working up a sweat. It's great that you are getting exercise and taking care of your health - but your little one needs swaddling and protection from the sun and wind.

Thank you sesame ellis for use of photo Then the toddler got a "talking to".
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