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Step Up For 9.4 Million Uninsured Children in the US

The Children's Defense Fund (CDF) wants us all to step up on behalf of the almost 10 million uninsured children in our nation.

Step up and join these children and CDF's Healthy Child Campaign today by sending an email to your Members of Congress telling them to ensure that every child has access to affordable and comprehensive health coverage.

National Day of Social Action

One in eight children in America is uninsured and another is born uninsured every 41 seconds. Millions of kids have health insurance, but can’t get the care they need because the services they require aren't covered or require high co-payments. According to CDF : " Although improving the federal health programs currently in place—Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)—is a step in the right direction, it's not enough. Increased funding and incremental expansions would still leave many children without the comprehensive, affordable coverage they urgently need.

This crisis threatens the health and prosperity of our nation. Consider this:

  • When children lose health coverage, state and local costs rise due to more frequent use of emergency rooms and longer hospital stays, while children suffer needlessly.
  • Uninsured children are almost nine times as likely to have a medical need that goes unmet as a child with health coverage.
  • Uninsured children are more likely than insured children to perform poorly in school; in contrast, enrolling children in health coverage has been associated with greatly improved school performance.
  • Children are the least expensive to cover and a smart investment in our future.

We can solve this problem if we all do our part. And there is a solution: The All Healthy Children Act would provide affordable, comprehensive, and seamless health coverage for all children and pregnant women in America—something every child needs today!

Email Congress TodayThousands of children across America are stepping up and taking action today to help solve this crisis. Show your support today by sending an email to your Members of Congress asking them to do their part by passing the All Healthy Children Act that would ensure every child has access to health coverage."

Please speak out and step up on behalf of our children today.

Thank you Tanitta for use of photo Happy Children.
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