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Sports Injuries Cause Blindness in Kids: September is Sports Eye Safety Month

Sports injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children. Most can be prevented by using protective eye wear while playing sports. Almost 75% of sports related eye injuries occur in people younger than age 25 years, but only 15% of kids are using protective eye gear while playing sports. Baseball and basketball are the leading causes of sports related eye injuries.

Lenses made of polycarbonate with the ATSM label are recommended. Regular eye glasses don't afford enough protection so be sure to get prescription protection lenses for those kids who need them. Polycarbonate sunglasses filter 100% of harmful UV rays. These tough, thin lenses are light weight but easily scratched, so be sure to get the scratch protection package when ordering them. The material was developed by the aerospace industry for use in the visors on helmets worn by astronauts. Visit to learn more.
1-800-331-2020 for questions and help for your athletic teams.

Thank you Prevent Blindness America for use of image.
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