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Silent Enamel Eating Syndrome: Watch What You Eat

If it's eating away your tooth enamel, what is doing to the rest of you? Whatever it is, it can't be good. Dental erosion, the loss of the protective enamel coating on the teeth, is on the rise, according to Professor Amaechi at the University of Texas Health Science Center. The culprits are acids found in foods being consumed in ever increasing quantities - especially by the young. These acids are found in:
        • soft drinks
        • beer salts
        • sports drinks
        • herbal teas
        • Lucas brand candy imported from Mexico
        • aspirin
        • the stomach acids in GERD
These acids are very corrosive but cause no signs or symptoms until the damage has been done. It is important for dental practitioners to be aware of the problem and screen for it. Without protective enamel, the teeth are brittle and more sensitive to pain.

Thank you Shira Golding for use of photo.
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